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CFI is a non-profit organization established in 1958 by the presidential decree number 453, under the umbrella of the Federation of Egyptian Industries- FEI.
CFI is the official representative of the Egyptian Food Industry, with a member base of more than 3000 companies
CFI is the platform that represents the processed food & beverage industry before the GOE. Solving and developing every aspect of the business environment that may affect the industry’s competitiveness domestically and globally.

·         Protect the combined interest and welfare of members through lobbying on their behalf before different governmental bodies.
·         Co-ordinate with the different governmental authorities for laying out policies related to the food and beverage industry, and provide opinion and suggestions on legislation.
·         Study local impediments facing the development of the food and beverage industry and suggest solutions
·         Provide access to strategic alliances.
·         Updating members on the latest international trends and standards.
·         Organize seminars, conferences.
·         Issue “World of Food” magazine, besides other publications.
·         A library with a wealth of information specific to the food industry.
·         Hosting “Egypt 4 Trade” program funded by GTZ
·         Member at IDF                                             
·         Skills development training programs for labors
·         Information Dissemination
·         Social Services 

Food Benefits


BROCCOLI 1 rich in vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and chromium 2 help rid the body of toxins 3 helps to reduce the breakdown of the retina 4 works to reduce high blood pressure 5 working to stabilize the blood sugar 6 reduce the risk of heart attack 7 useful in reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood 8 is believed to be resistant to cancer

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