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CFI is a non-profit organization established in 1958 by the presidential decree number 453, under the umbrella of the Federation of Egyptian Industries- FEI.
CFI is the official representative of the Egyptian Food Industry, with a member base of more than 3000 companies
CFI is the platform that represents the processed food & beverage industry before the GOE. Solving and developing every aspect of the business environment that may affect the industry’s competitiveness domestically and globally.

·         Protect the combined interest and welfare of members through lobbying on their behalf before different governmental bodies.
·         Co-ordinate with the different governmental authorities for laying out policies related to the food and beverage industry, and provide opinion and suggestions on legislation.
·         Study local impediments facing the development of the food and beverage industry and suggest solutions
·         Provide access to strategic alliances.
·         Updating members on the latest international trends and standards.
·         Organize seminars, conferences.
·         Issue “World of Food” magazine, besides other publications.
·         A library with a wealth of information specific to the food industry.
·         Hosting “Egypt 4 Trade” program funded by GTZ
·         Member at IDF                                             
·         Skills development training programs for labors
·         Information Dissemination
·         Social Services 

Food Benefits


  ONIONS   1 rich in vitamins and minerals  2 killer of bacteria and especially those that are endemic to the mouth and intestines  3 helps to determine the percentage of sugar in the blood  4 appetizing struggling tract infections  5 active functioning of the heart and circulatory  6 contains materials that serve to strengthen the nervous system  7 a diuretic and yellow and helps in cases of cirrhosis of the liver  8 helps to reduce hypertension and cholesterol-lowering  9 useful in the treatment of cough and chest infections  10 helps to expel phlegm and blood poisoning   

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4th edition of “FOOD from EGYPT” catalogue

    The Chamber of Food Industries (CFI) would like to announce the release of the 4th edition of “FOOD from EGYPT” catalogue “Food from Egypt” takes CFI a step forward towards the accomplishment of its mission in portraying a positive

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